Dear Sweet Soul Family,

Thank you for connecting with me. I am so grateful you are here. We are living in a time of access to more information than we have ever had in the history of time. In order to create and maintain successful relationships, we must learn new ways to determine what information is actually right for us and our families and also learn new ways to interact and communicate with our loved ones.

WE ARE ALL RAISING OUR AWARENESS & WE MUST LEARN TO RAISE OUR VIBRATION. You may be learning about Intuition and Learning About Connecting With Loved Ones That Have Crossed Over.  

There is also a beautiful NEW UPGRADED WAY TO PARENT where you can learn to access information and determine what actually feels best for your own family!

Are you ready to UNLEARN all you know about parenting from the past that didn’t feel good to you? Are you ready to create a family that works together to create a peaceful, respectful, loving and sacred home?  Are you ready to eliminate power struggles? Are you ready to build life-long connections with your children? Would you like to reduce conflict within your home? Communicate more clearly with your loved ones? Learn to parent with LOVE instead of fear? Build trust and inspire everyone in your family to choose healthier, nonviolent ways to respond to emotions?

With these abilities, we will build new patterns of behavior that help your family and relationships thrive and support everyone’s hearts and spirits.

Allow me to share new Mindful Intuitive Parenting Techniques that focus on Mindful Thoughts, Mindful Language and Mindful Actions while accessing your own intuition.

If I had a MAGIC WAND I would:


heart-PBPSHOW you where to find your courage

heart-PBPSHOW you how to speak in a way that honors you, your loved ones & all of humanity

heart-PBPHELP you to shift & release any beliefs that no longer serve you

heart-PBPSHOW you what’s possible (become your Model Of Possibility) to choose love

heart-PBPHELP you find your power within you

heart-PBPSHOW you how to tap into your own intuition & learn to trust yourself

heart-PBPHELP you see the benefits of living this way

heart-PBPWAKE you up

heart-PBPHOLD you during this transformational process

heart-PBPGIVE you the tools & techniques to make these changes and TELL you I believe in YOU.

These Mindful Parenting & Mindful Living Coaching Sessions will help people contemplating and questioning parenthood and relationships in today’s world. Parents to be, parents and/or any caregiver of children (ie. grandparent, aunt, uncle, nanny, manny, friend, neighbor, cousin, babysitter) who are searching for a way that feels better & who are willing to learn a new method of parenting will benefit from these sessions. It’s for anyone eager to parent with an open heart and learn to parent differently than past generations.

Kids come into this world loving and kind. They must be given and modeled unconditional love toward themselves and towards other humans to sustain this energy. 

This will create a family built on love, compassion, cooperation and peace which will extend and permeate out to our worlds…our workplaces, the grocery store, our schools, local communities, etc. 

Are you ready to wake up & ready to live life another way.  Are you looking to become highly aware parents, caregivers, and humans walking this planet.  IT STARTS in our homes! 

This journey is for you if you are willing, open and honestly want to create the family you dream of. If you are ready to have fun parenting, if you are able to see things differently. If you want to feel joyful, healthy and peaceful this is for you! Are ready to do your parenting homework? 

In these Coaching Sessions you will be guided to find your courage, learn to speak mindfully & how to shift and rewrite beliefs that support Mindful Parenting.

Do you have the courage to: 


♥ Be Present with your children and not always think about the future?
♥ Question mainstream lifestyles & current medical information?
♥ Step over the laundry to go play, or go to Disneyland, or go on a bike ride to the park?
♥ Go to sleep without doing the dishes?
♥ Cuddle up on the couch without picking up the toys first?
♥ Skip the shower or bath and do it tomorrow?
♥ Have breakfast for dinner and vice versa?
♥ Trick or treat at home?
♥ Leave a loud restaurant, birthday party, family get together if necessary?
♥ Walk out of a movie that doesn’t feel good?
♥ Allow your child to “talk back ” have an attitude and not get mad at them?
♥ To let your child leave with socks/clothes that don’t match?
♥ Forget your “routine”, hang up the phone, pull the car safely over, leave the store, sit in your car in a parking lot at times in order to connect, investigate, & take the time to understand and comfort your family’s emotions when necessary & with LOVE?


MANTRA: “It is safe for me to be me. It’s ok to really follow my heart and create a life & a family that feels good to all of us. What worked or works for other people, relatives, etc. is not wrong, but it doesn’t work for me. I am creating a home/family/marriage or relationship that feels safe, fun & connected.”


Are you wishing and waiting for peace in your home?


Do you question Society’s rules? 


Are you already interested in Self Help, Personal Growth and Changing Paradigms?


Are you ready to take action towards your dream? 


Are you ready to make immediate changes that will set your family up for a loving, healthy, happy, peaceful home?


Do you desire to feel less stress & have more fun in parenting?


Do you understand the importance of investing in yourself & your Family?


Are you ready to learn, implement and commit to new relationship & parenting strategies?


Do you dream of finding ways to connect to your kids though love?


Are you willing to do everything in your power to change your parenting mindset & release methods, habits, thoughts, beliefs & behavior that are not working for you?