peoplewhosayPeople everywhere may say:

“It’s not possible to parent in a peaceful, positive, mindful, conscious, nonviolent way.” “My kids won’t listen if I don’t yell.” “Well it might work for you, but my family would never be able to do it.”  “It’s impossible to be kind and not punish my kids, how will they learn anything?” “This is how it has always been and I was parented this way.” “You’re making a mistake, you will mess up your kids forever.”

Well, this is what I have to say to them: “People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it.” ~ George Bernard Shaw

How can any of these statements be true if WE ARE IN FACT LIVING THIS WAY? WE ARE LIVING IN A HAPPY, LOVING, CONNECTED, PEACEFUL, MINDFUL, AWARE, CONSCIOUS HOME. What does this mean? This means, we are all aware of our own emotions and behavior. We understand that we are connected to each other and that we affect one another. This does not mean there are no emotions, or we do not argue or lose our tempers or freak out, but when we are mindful of our behavior and CONNECTION AND LOVE are our greatest priorities, these emotional emergencies (a.k.a. tantrums, fights, disagreements, freak-outs, etc. ) look very different. We spend a lot of time on creating a vision for our family that feels good to ALL 4 OF US, building our emotional awareness & intelligence and connecting with each other. All of this IS possible if you nurture your relationships before anyone gets heated or misaligned. This way during emotional emergencies you have the trust and influence you need to help & lovingly realign everyone involved. 

I was an audience member chosen to speak on the OPRAH show & told her and her entire audience that it is actually possible to live another way. It IS actually possible to be a Mindful Parent and we are doing it and YOU CAN TOO!

The benefits of The Prana Boost Method Of Parenting™ a.k.a Mindful/Conscious Parenting are so wonderfully amazing, it is hard for me to believe that everyone is not doing it yet. Here are just a few of them:  1. An increased sense of closeness & connection in your family 2. Feelings of confidence, peace & joy 3. Kids WHO listen & hear you & cooperate & are respectful to themselves & others 4. A family based in LOVE, compassion, & nonviolence 5. Open, honest, kind communication with your spouse/co-parent & your kids 6. A home where people feel safe to be their authentic selves & do not fear each other because no one is ever punished for being human & having emotions 7. A home where emotional intelligence, mindfulness, empathy, compassion, intuition, well-being & respect are the core foundations of our family