Prana Boost is a Global Transformational Company & Wellness Community focused on shifting lives & elevating consciousness to the highest frequency & vibration of LOVE.♥

Our mission is to create & invent products, services, environments & communities that support this Global Transformation.

We invite you to connect with us & join us as we share our inspirations to the World!

What does “PRANA” mean? = prana /pra·na/ (prah´nah) Word Origin: Hindu-Sanskrit] The life force or universal life energy, which permeates the body; also sometimes referred to as breath

What does “BOOST” mean = As a verb it means to encourage, improve or help & as a noun it means to help someone feel more confident & positive or even literally lift someone up higher

Prana Boost is a term we created in our family when someone was feeling “disconnected” (a.k.a. fearful, sad, alone, uncomfortable, etc.)

Prana Boost is an “energy boost”.  When it happened in our family, we realized that our girls needed this boost when they would feel they need to connect with themselves or us but didn’t know how…this is when they need US most.  Almost as if they momentarily lost their way and need me/us to help guide them back to their connection to themselves.

When used as a Noun = A Prana Boost is a “lift” from someone or some activity or internal shift that helps you shift your Prana a.ka. Universal Life Energy from FEAR to LOVE.

Example: “Help, I need a Prana Boost!”
Everyone’s Prana Boosts will be different.

Some examples of Prana Boosts may include:
 Talking with a friend or family member
 Listening to music
 Playing sports
 Reading inspirational words
 Going For A Walk
 Time Alone To Gather Your Thoughts
 Working with Crystals
 A hug
 A smile
 Deep Breaths
 A kiss
 Lighting a candle
 Jumping Jacks
 Playing a Game (Board Game, Cards, or Video Game)
 Taking a Bath
 Watching something funny
 Playing with kids and/or pets
 Shifting fearful thoughts to Loving/Positive thoughts

Sometimes we don’t need a lecture or advice, we simply need a smile, a wink across the room or a hug. It’s all we need to know that we are “OK” and we can notice our fear or disconnection and find a way to find our way back. It is ok to feel emotions even negative ones.

We offer a Prana Boost without shame, judgment or guilt, just knowing that both us and our girls can count on our strength and feel safe coming to us.

When we allow ourselves to work through the emotions we can release them and move forward. It takes time to learn what you need to realign your energy, but the most important thing is having awareness, and noticing that you are not “aligned”.

Anything that raises your vibration and lifts your mood can be a Prana Boost!
Verb = I am out Prana Boosting!