What is a Prana Booster™?

Prana Booster™ is a citizen of the planet. A first responder Emergency Metaphysical Technician; a modern day EMT. Parenting/Caring for or Prana Boosting™ a child, friend, spouse, or fellow human experiencing uncomfortable or “negative” out of control emotions, emotional meltdown or disconnection is like being an Emotional Paramedic/EMT/or Emergency Room Trauma Dr. — First you attend to the immediate emergency needs, save them & you from danger, help them breath, recover.  You must understand that you can’t: “solve a problem with the same energy/vibration/frequency that caused it” ~ Albert Einstein We must shift the energy/vibration/frequency in order to recover from it.

Prana Booster™ is someone who understands WE ARE ALL ONE.  WE ARE ALL CONNECTED TO EACH OTHER.  A Prana Booster™ sees the world through loving eyes and offers compassion and empathy to others rather than judgment.  A Prana Booster™ is committed to using mindful language that will “uplift/boost” and add to the well-being of another human free of blame, shame & guilt & filled with loving kindness.

Everyone involved needs to take time together, then after everyone is reconnected…you can discuss  it calmly and work out a solution.  Now it doesn’t matter what made you or the other person/child/human upset, it matters that you ARE upset and misaligned.  The best advice for any conflict is: CONNECTION BEFORE CORRECTION.  You must be connected to someone in order to have any ability to inspire action, have a discussion, create preferred behavior, or find solutions.

Become a Prana Boost EMT™ Trained
to Perform Prana Boost CPR™ & Manage
Emotional Emergencies

The only thing you need to qualify is a heartbeat,  the desire for well-being, mindful thoughts & LOVE!
The Universe is a beautiful place where miracles occur daily!

Start today! Deliberately work on yourself. Send love & Angels into the world, and then bring your energy back to yourself. Even if it’s just 10 minutes/day. Heal your heart, Raise Your Awareness, Focus on Your Energy, Learn Mindful Language, Shift Your Thoughts, & Raise Your Vibration. I am ready to help anyone who is ready to Awaken With Purpose™! Increase your HEALTH, WEALTH, & HAPPINESS! BECOME A Prana Booster™ today.
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