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lori-petro8x10What does it take to AWAKEN WITH PURPOSE? Featured Guest: Prana Booster Lori Petro

Hi Prana Boosters! Have you ever wondered what it would feel like growing up with undiagnosed Asperger’s Syndrome? Imagine dealing with sensitivites that kept you from fitting in and receiving the love you needed to survive. Please join us on this episode of The Prana Boost Show™ as I will have the pleasure of welcoming to the show, my guest & inspirational friend, Lori Petro to discuss her “Teach Through Love”- Transforming the Emotional Abuse of CHildren way of life (which is very similar to ours) & how she is a Speaker, Child Advocate, & Parent Educator. Her mission is to raise the global awareness of empathy, tolerance, & peaceful conflict resolution through media outreach, community building, parent-teacher education, & sharing her personal journey of being the kid no one understood. She shares many of her life altering tips & techniques via her Teachable Moments YouTube videos! I am so excited to connect with this amazing, courageous, inspiring woman once again & connect with all of you, as she shares her beautiful stories from her life.


Lori Petro is a Child Advocate, Certified Parent Educator and Mom on the spectrum. After an emotionally challenging childhood and a personal journey toward healing and self-awareness, Lori became passionate about changing the way we speak to each other. She holds a bachelors in Education and founded TEACH through Love as a vehicle to help families heal multi-generational cycles of fractured relationships by providing parents with new tools for communicating with children. She conducts online classes, consults privately with clients and hosts the popular YouTube series, TEACHable Moments, where she offers weekly tips and tools to help parents address common behavior challenges.


Lori’s Web Site Teach Through Love: http://www.teach-through-love.com
Teach Through Love on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TEACHthroughLOVE
Lori on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TEACHthruLove

Lori Petro on YouTube: Teach Through Love

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Lori Petro

Lori Petro – Teach Through Love

Lori Petro