Prana Boosting With Tina – Google Hangout with Heather Criswell & Eric Greene – June 24, 2015

Have you ever wondered what Mindful/Conscious Parenting really looks like? Join me & 2 amazing featured Prana Boosters: Heather Criswell of WiseInside & Eric Greene of 1 Awesome Dad for an intimate discussion on Google Hangout to learn about a lifestyle & new parenting paradigm that we are all pioneering together.

Today’s topic was: A conversation about WHY have chosen to parent in a positive, peaceful, mindful & conscious way & HOW we made this decision. Please subscribe to our Prana Boost You Tube channel to hear more about this topic and others as we will be bringing you more even more videos & cannot possibly share all of our thoughts, knowledge and experience in one show.

Stay Tuned as well for LIVE broadcasts where we will have audience participation & Q & A’s as well. Namaste

coachHeather Criswell, WiseInside


ericEric Greene, 1 Awesome Dad


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