Q&A With T&A Episode #2: Being Vegan During The Holidays ~The Prana Boost Show™ Audio Podcast

Have you ever wondered what The Prana Boost Lifestyle™ really looks like? Join me & my amazing husband, soulmate, business partner, spiritual partner, best friend for an intimate discussion on The Prana Boost Show™ to learn about our mindful lifestyle & our new parenting paradigm that we are pioneering together. Here is your chance to hear from both of us to learn more about it from each of our perspectives. For a bit more about us you can read this: https://pranaboost.com/our-story/

Today’s topic was: Being Vegan During The Holidays

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Tina Louise Balodi, Prana Boost & Prana Boost Parenting~

Tina Louise Balodi, a.k.a. Prana Boost Momma, is an author, speaker, transformational leader, Life & Soul Coach, New Age Guide & Parenting Mentor, Mommapreneur, & humble student who is raising her family to follow their intuition and always remember they are a spirit having a human experience. She is the Co-Creator/Founder of Prana Boost and she has been co-creating everything in life for 21 years with her best friend, business partner, Soulmate/Twin Flame husband, Alan.  They have been developing web and mobile video games for the last 15 years.

Together, they are raising their little girls, Isabella Sara (11) and Gabrielle Alexa (9) consciously & mindfully, using all the techniques she shares with others and empowering families to co-exist , love and thrive while following their own hearts and intuition.  Her unique parenting skills also include:  Crystal Healing, Angel Cards readings, practicing EFT-Tapping with her kids, balancing everyone’s chakras & making decisions using Penjie™, her pendulum.

She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication, she is also a Cosmetologist…When she was little she was known as “The Peacemaker” always wanting to fix everything and everyone and help relieve suffering…and this hasn’t changed. In her 20’s she discovered her own inner light and realized that the only way to fix any situation that seemed uncomfortable, was to look “inside” and use her own Authentic Power to grow to develop her own spirituality.  In her 30’s she discovered her ability to affect a situation by shifting her own thoughts & energy, so she kept reading and practicing and working hard on her own energetic alignment.  She is an author, writer, storyteller, and researcher.  Now, in a new decade at 41, she is ready to share these stories and lessons with the world so we may all have the chance to Raise OUR Vibration, Raise OUR Family & Change the World™.

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She is the author of the forthcoming book, The Prana Boost Method of Parenting™A Guide To Mastering Mindful Parenting Through Unconditional Love, Intuition, Nonviolence & Emotional Intelligence













Alan I. Balodi, UIStudios & Ultimate Arcade~

Alan Balodi is an amazing conscious, connected Daddy & husband, spiritual partner/twin flame, game developer, 3d animator, 3d modeler & artist, content & asset creator, Udemy & Online Course Creator & Instructor, and successful entrepreneur with a contagious sense of humor and Buddha-like nature. He is also a Co-Founder of Prana Boost and a Co-Founder & genius behind UltimateArcadeInc.com & UltimateArcade.com, Uistudios.com & ConsciousArcade.com.




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