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Featured Guest: Prana Booster Randy Spelling

Hi Prana Boosters! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to grow up in one of the wealthiest families as the son of perhaps the most prolific American film & television producers in history? What would it be like to grow up in a celebrity family in Los Angeles & overcome emotional trauma & addiction & transform yourself to become a credentialed life coach, spiritual facilitator, Daddy, & husband, while owning a wellness company? Randy helps others find their purpose & reconnect with the deepest parts of themselves. He helps them raise awareness & live a better life. I am so excited to connect with Randy to hear his amazing stories & to share his journey with all of you.





Randy Spelling is an ICF Certified Life Coach.  He has a keen ability as an Intuitive Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Writer and Spiritual Facilitator.  Randy does relationship coaching, spiritual coaching and career coaching. He works with clients and groups all over the world in discovering who they are and utilizing their own unique gifts to express themselves.  Randy has been called a gentle and powerful leader who encourages people to look within to find meaning and purpose in life.  Although, anything to do with food and experiencing new things are some of Randy’s biggest joys in life, his favorite moments are the moments of connection.  He says that when he can be a part of watching someone realize how truly special they are, there is nothing more enjoyable than that.

Randy was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He became a Life Coach in Los Angeles, CA and He grew up in the center of Los Angeles in a Hollywood family.  Growing up quickly and going through many things at a young age, Randy had the chance to learn through experience how to be fulfilled from the inside out, not the outside in.  This nurtured a fascination with psychology, human behavior, emotions, relationships, health and spirituality. He now lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife and two daughters.  As a Life Coach, he loves working with people in the Portland area face to face or in Los Angeles, CA when he travels back there. He enjoys working with clients from all over the world by phone or skype, facilitating groups, leading workshops and being a family man.  He also enjoys traveling, hiking, being outdoors and laughing a lot.



Randy’s Web Sitehttps://www.randyspelling.com/

Randy on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BeingInFlow

Randy on Twitter: https://twitter.com/randyspelling

Randy on Instagram: https://instagram.com/randyspelling/

Purchase Randy’s book: Unlimiting You Step Out Of Your Past and Into Your Purpose here: https://pranaboost.com/product/unlimiting-you-step-out-of-your-past-and-into-your-purpose/

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Randy Spelling & Tina Louise Balodi at his LA book signing event


Randy Spelling Life Coach & Prana Booster


Randy Spelling & his sister, Tori at his LA booksigning