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What does it take to AWAKEN WITH PURPOSE? Featured Guest: Prana Booster Ronnie Landis

Hi Prana Boosters! Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you learned how to really take control of your health? If you could learn how to Interrupt Life Long Patterns & Change the Course of Your Destiny Forever, would you? There has never been a better time than now to Raise Your Standards on your health and wellbeing and become your own advocate for you and your family. Ronnie Landis is an integrative nutritionist, transformation coach, and human behavioral specialist. His work focuses on enhancing the human experience through natural nutrition, lifestyle design, and consciousness engineering. Ronnie seeks to share his knowledge and teachings with millions of people around the world through his books, podcasts, online courses, YouTube TV show, events, seminars, and retreats. He is a teacher, researcher, author I am so excited to connect with this brilliant, courageous, inspiring man/Soul Brother & connect with all of you, as he shares his knowledge with us.


Ronnie Landis, is an integrative health specialist & self mastery coach who is one of the leading educators of the new generation on raw living foods and super foods, tonic herbalism, blender alchemy, hormone balance, brain health, optimizing the human body, performance strategies and functional nutrition. He is an author, professional speaker and lifestyle design specialist who conducts LIVE presentations, workshops, conferences, private consultations, superfood chocolate parties and retreats regularly. His books, Life Food Peak Performance System, The Inner Alchemy Youthening Program, and The Holistic Health Mastery Program are available now. His personal mission is to uplift others by spreading a health message based on self-sovereignty, inner-resourcefulness and personal empowerment. Ronnie believes that in order to truly manifest our dreams we must first embody them in a healthy, hormonally balanced, and disease free body. 

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(Click The Book Image To Purchase) Holistic Health Mastery Program is the ultimate foundation and guide to raw living foods & super food nutrition, upgraded detoxification protocols, accelerated healing, and creating a lifestyle that serves both yourself and the planet around you. There is a library of amazing recipes from juices, smoothies, raw food dishes, and highly functional recipes for specific conditions and performance goals.









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