“Don’t be satisfied with stories,
 how things have gone
 with others.
  Unfold your own myth.” ~Rumi

Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, the App Store, friends, family, billboards, blogs, OH MY!  It’s an amazing time we are living in now as we have such an abundance of information available to us in an instant.  Sometimes it can feel overwhelming with so many choices available to us.  It may seem easier to read what someone else has to say about a new game, a hotel, restaurant, or how to raise our kids, but if we take the time to connect with our higher selves and get quiet, we can make choices that support US and add to OUR wellbeing.  Please consider that everything you experience in life, is based on The Law of Attraction.

“The Law of Attraction states that whatever you focus on, think about, read about, and talk about intensely, you’re going to attract more of into your life.”  ~Jack Canfield

Why is this so important to be aware of?  If we are all energy, that means we are all vibrating at different levels and experiencing life in ways that reflect our frequency back to us.  Two people can see the same movie, eat the same food, hear someone speak and each person would have a different experience.  This experience will be based on the thoughts and feelings each person was having AND their point of attraction.  If we only listen to reviews and ratings and how many stars a movie received, then we are using someone ELSE’s intuition based on their point of attraction, at the time they ate there, saw that movie or bought that item.  It is soooo subjective!  Where your energy is vibrating at, will determine what type of experience you attract.

The Law of Attraction is always in motion and it is easily defined as knowing we are like magnets, “Like attracts Like.”  So whatever you are thinking or feeling and focusing on, you will attract into your life.  You become AND attract AND experience what you think about, feel, and how you speak.  You basically get what you think about, whether you want it or not.

My family and I have always discussed and debated perspective.  Others would basically tell me my perspective was wrong LOL, however, it was true for ME.  We all came to a situation with different feelings and thoughts and viewed it and experienced it and remembered it differently.  Or someone will say, well your kids can watch this movie, it’s G rated…well that doesn’t mean it is FOR our kids or our kids would like it.  It just means someone, somewhere assumed that this is appropriate for all children.  We can use these ratings and reviews and suggestions as guidelines when making decisions for us and our families, however, they are only guidelines.  We must then check in with ourselves and our own families and children and see how we feel.

I never fully understood this discrepancy in our stories we tell or our reviews we share with others of our experiences, until I learned about the Law of Attraction.  I didn’t realize that it wasn’t determining if someone was right and someone was wrong, it was that they both had different experiences and that was their “truth.”  This is why it is so important to decide if a review or rating resonates with you when you read it.  You may experience a completely different “truth” than the person sharing their story.  You can align your energy and have even an exact opposite experience than you read about.  It is also possible that once you hear someone else’s truth, if you believe it, you can and will create it to be true for you.

Here are 4 ways to access YOUR OWN intuition when you desire to choose for YOURSELF:

1. Get a Pendulum

What is a Pendulum?  It is a tool that you hold in your hand and allows you to connect to your higher self and/or energy body so you can receive information and make decisions using your intuition rather than your ego mind.

About 5 years ago, I was introduced to a dentist who told me while I was in her chair that I was READY for a Pendulum.  I said, “A What?”  Will that hurt??  She laughed and said, “NO, a psychic energy pendulum to work with your higher self and it can help you receive guidance through the Universe.”  I had her hands in my mouth, so I couldn’t answer her.  Before I left I knew for sure I had to purchase one immediately.  (Her information resonated with me.  I was intrigued.  I followed MY OWN INTUTION and knew I wanted to learn more.)  I was living in Arizona, so that weekend our family went to Sedona, AZ and I have been dowsing using my pendulum ever since.  I affectionately named my pendulum, Penjie™, and I surprise everyone with where I store one when I go out…in my bra!  LOL

I use Penjie™ to help decide sometimes where I go, what I eat, I even use it to choose fruit at the store, and I use it with parenting all the time.  I have been known to take it out at Home Depot to choose the correct air filter for our home, and I even used it this week at the Apple Store when purchasing my new Macbook Pro.  I have used it to see if our girls should have more sugar or eat certain types of foods for their bodies.  People call me now to ask me to “Penjie™” things for them…which is a service I offer through Prana Boost™, however, anyone can learn to use one.

My most recent Penjie™ purchase came from an amazing woman who makes them herself at AskYourPendulum.com  She makes beautiful pendulums and offers amazing tips and advice on how to best use one, but always be sure to find your own method that resonates with you.

2.  Check in with your body

Our bodies always give us clues to see how we feel about any subject.  Our breathing shows us, our tummies react, our smiles show us the way.  Are you relaxed and joyful or tense and fearful?  Take the time when making decisions to sit still for a moment and see how you feel.  My body gives me guidance that I receive in my tummy area a.k.a. my Solar Plexus Chakra.  I know right away if something feels good to me or not.

3.  Sleep on it

Sometimes, we go to sleep wondering what to do or where to stay on vacation or who we should hang out with, and then when we wake up in the morning, we have more clarity on these subjects.  I am actually much more deliberate.  I will ask my guides, Angels & the Universe for clarity and answers to anything I am unsure of.  I will actually ask for a sign or synchronicity and clarity from the Universe to help guide my decision process.  We all do this even our kids.  Some of the greatest minds in our history, Tesla & Einstein have used this process to gain access and clarity to the world’s biggest mysteries.

“Go to sleep with visions of what you love. Let your dream vision marinate overnight. Wake up with your positive, hopeful thoughts in place, ready to guide you through a day in which you step ever closer to the life you dream of.” ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

4.  Meditation

Meditation and taking our focus off of thought can actually clear our minds and make room for answers to come.  I know it may sound silly to mediate on what movie you will see, however, you will be so happy you did when you practice aligning your energy you will spend money on movies that add to your wellbeing and be grateful for the time you spent watching it.

Best of all learning to trust your OWN guidance will help you manifest and attract situations that are for your highest benefit.

These are just a few of the methods I share during my Awaken With Purpose™ Coaching Sessions through my website, www.pranaboost.com

If you are looking to increase your awareness and learn how to access your intuition, please feel free to contact me!  I can teach you how to use your own Penjie™.

These are just a few of the methods that we incorporate into our lives to help with decision making.  It’s important to find ones that work best for your and your family.


“I choose to see this differently. I choose to see this with LOVE.”

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Sending love and light to everyone on this beautiful day!

Wishing you health, happiness, peace, joy, abundance, prosperity and LOVE on this day and always!


With love, appreciation, & gratitude,