abstract-winter-candy-background_fy-NnVUuCreate the holiday season of your dreams by Prana Boosting™ your thoughts, intentions, & feelings!

Hi Prana Boosters™!

The holiday season is here.  It is a wonderful time to “Be Kind & Aligned.™”  For us, we are in Sunny California, so we are still wearing flip flops and playing outside.  I know some of you have snow and colder weather.  This is a time of year that typically requires more patience, gratitude, & aligned energy than ever.  This may be a time to see people we do not interact with on a daily basis such as relatives and extended family.  Some people have holiday parties and events that they are required to go to.  Some are not with their loved ones at this time.  Some have to face holiday travel experiences.  We all have different situations to face and accept and look forward to.  I believe we can all benefit from practicing acceptance and deliberately deciding how we want to show up in the world. Increasing our awareness and mindfulness daily will help us through this season and any time of the year, with less stress than necessary.  

Here are my top 6 suggestions for Prana Boosting™ your holiday season: heart-PBP

  1. Wake up each day and light a candle to begin your day with LIGHT.  Shine a light of consciousness on yourself and think thoughts that feel good and lift your spirits.
  2. Make a gratitude list each morning or evening anywhere you can, a journal, your smartphone, on paper or your computer.  List 3 things that you are truly grateful for in your life.  (Be sure your list relates to you not your family, your job, or anything external.)  This keeps the power focused on you at least for this exercise.)
  3. Take 3 deep breaths in and out to help you focus on your breath a.k.a. Prana which is your physical connection to this life.
  4. Be mindful of your language.  This means being aware of what you are thinking, speaking, and feeling.  It is your responsibility to choose thoughts that are kind and words that are loving and keep others safe and feeling connected to you.
  5. Be sure to send out compassion and love so you may also receive it.  Your energy and communication can only be successful if you are focused on love.  If fear shows up, send yourself love to shift it!
  6. Set boundaries that feel good to you.  Say yes, only if you want to say yes.  Say no if you need to.  It is up to you to set boundaries for yourself and your family.  Learn how to say no with love and compassion.  Be sure to help young children with boundaries too. It is important that they know they can rely on you to help them speak up or speak for them. Listen to your needs and the needs of your family.

Help anyone you know who sounds “low vibration” by saying to them with LOVE:




With love, appreciation, & gratitude,