This past weekend, on Saturday, our daughter was invited to take a dance class at an awesome local dance studio here in California where she has had classes. This was a special event class that would be taught by Britney Spears. It sounded so exciting to experience a very well known performer and learn some amazing moves. As I sat in the parking lot waiting for her, it was my first experience with the paparazzi. I saw them lining up and getting ready to take pictures of Britney as she would leave the dance studio. It almost felt like they were waiting there like hunters, and so this experience triggered my own feelings of something inside of me. I thought about how challenging it must be to be famous and have everyone want a piece of you and your energy. I thought to myself that even though I do not have paparazzi following me around and for now, I can safely go shopping or out with my family without anyone “following” me for a photo, I often feel like I have “energy” pulling me away from myself and my life. I feel like someone might be “waiting” for me to answer or check in or just pressure from myself to “participate” in life.

I often feel rushed and overwhelmed and busy. I often feel like I am running out of time to do everything I am thinking of doing, dreaming of or currently working on. I feel rushed & sometimes anxious too. Lately, I see life just moving quickly. Time flying by. Days and weeks pass and I wondered why does it seem to be moving so fast?

Let me explain.

I hardly remember life before my first iPhone. It has changed my life completely. Even though we sleep with our phones on airplane mode for radiation, they charge in our room where we sleep. (Note to self, as I write this I am thinking they should charge in another room. LOL)

Every morning, I wake up and grab my phone, and turn off airplane mode. It connects and immediately starts to deliver texts, emails, and notifications from apps like Facebook and Instagram, etc. I can already feel the “pull” to answer back or participate or check in with the world. I literally have to challenge myself to wake up and meditate before I active my phone so I do not get distracted.

Well, this weekend I just said, “Enough.” I can’t do it. I just need a real, true break off of this device and this lifestyle of being connected to the outside world 24/7. Don’t get me wrong, I mostly enjoy it, but I could tell that I really needed to start doing this maybe once a week or more to just unplug and tune in to myself, my thoughts, my own intuition, to listen to my family, to SLOW DOWN & to Prana Boost myself.

On Saturday night, I wanted to experiment and see if I was able to stay off my phone and my laptop for the entire day Sunday, Sunday night all the way until Monday morning. I did send an email to my mom, as we typically text and I didn’t want anyone to worry, but my intention was to see how it would feel to stay in my own energy and the energy of my family without going outside of us for any reason. Communication, text, social media, emails, etc. Just really take a day off. I have taken a day off work before but not off electronics. I have not really unplugged for years. I use this device for everything.

I use it for photos or FaceTime.

I use it as I am cooking sometimes for recipes or when I’m cooking I will think of something I have to remember to do and write a note to myself on my phone or set an alarm to do it later.

I use it to promote my busniess and build my brand.

I use it to write down Miracles that happen in our lives and keep gratitude lists.

I use it to text friends.

I use it to Prana Boost™ & share quotes or funny pictures or videos.

I use it to Google things. I used it for music.

I use it to plan future events on my calendar.

I use it to check the weather, or write a list for the store.

I use it to write down Blog ideas or add sections to my book I am writing.

I can’t even really list how many things I use it for, so I am very accepting of the fact that I am always on it, whenever I need it. I also understand why my kids like to use their devices lots too. It’s almost a way of life now.

I check it all day long. I check email, social media, my bank, texts, etc. I communicate with friends, my parents even my girls text me when they wake up or need me from somewhere in the house.

In fact it is almost always within an arm’s reach.

I wanted to be more present & reconnect with myself and my family.

I didn’t ask anyone else in my family to do this. I just did it myself. I just did it to really see if I could even do it. The first few hours, I felt funny. I felt like I had to try to not go get my phone. Out of habit, I even went to grab it a few times and realized it was turned off upstairs. (BTW the only way to really have it off while ON, is to have it on airplane mode. This would allow you to still use the device, but just locally for games, writing notes, etc. Or you can slide it to power down completely.)

I also want to inspire our girls to take care of their energy and learn how to unplug in a connected world so they can feel their best. I do this to show them that it’s not only necessary but can FEEL so so good. I have a quote from my upcoming book, The Prana Boost Method Of Parenting™, that I love to use as a parent, “INSPIRE, DON’T REQUIRE.” I come from a place of love and hopefully they can see the amazing results of Momma’s choices. I do not need to limit them, I can just let them experience the difference when they see how I act and feel when I am taking care of myself, unplugging to be present and listening to my needs.

I LOVED IT! It felt so nice to come back into myself and not “check” in anywhere else. It took me hours (and I had to write 1 handwritten note to myself as a reminder for something I remembered I wanted to do later) but then, I really just relaxed. I meditated. I played & snuggled with our girls even more than USUAL & really listened and talked for hours to them. I cooked, went swimming, aligned my Chakras, hugged and connected with my husband without any agenda or discussion of worries or the future, or to-do lists or fears, did an Angel card reading on myself and sat outside enjoying the real present moment without being on my iPhone. Really being present and no pictures trying to capture this moment to maybe enjoy it again in the future. Just enjoying it NOW.

I slowly started to feel more relaxed. Nothing to rush for, no multitasking, no getting back to anyone, no articles to read, or photos to like or emails to answer. No checking on anything. Suddenly, there was more time in MY day! I felt abundant in time and energy.

I suddenly felt the time slow down. I felt the clock go slower. I felt less anxious. I could feel my body relaxing in a way I cannot even remember feeling in such a long time.

I think everyone always has had lots of responsibilities but technology and social media is now competing for our attention as well.

I highly recommend choosing 1 day out of the week (I chose Sunday this time) to really take some time and disconnect from the “outside” world and see what it can feel like to connect with yourself or your family that you live with. If you feel you need to, email someone and let them know you will be out of touch, or give them a backup way to connect if there was an emergency.

I can actually see how beneficial this is and I may even do it twice a week or just in the evenings. Even if you can just do it for a few hours, anytime of the day, you may notice a huge difference in your own energy and inspire others around you to take the take to reconnect with themselves as well.

Deciding to be present and live in the NOW is not always simple in today’s high speed world, but once you get a taste of it I guarantee you will love it and will crave it on weekly basis. You will also begin experiencing synchronicities and miracles because these are created from stillness.  You will be able to become a more powerful manifestor of all the things you really want to achieve.

I LOVE technology, I LOVE being connected and communicating and keeping in touch with everyone, I love that I am even able to host my podcast, The Prana Boost Show™, and I just realized that in order to do this well and from a place of LOVE I need to be sure that I am ALWAYS first and foremost taking care of my energy and my alignment. This way I have the best of myself to offer others and the world.


“I choose to see this differently. I choose to see this with LOVE.”

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Sending love and light to everyone on this beautiful day!

Wishing you health, happiness, peace, joy, abundance, prosperity and LOVE on this day and always!


With love, appreciation, & gratitude,