4agreementsHi Prana Boosters!  
Have you ever had a desire to have a relationship so based in LOVE, TRUST, JOY, MUTUAL RESPECT & CONNECTION? I DID. I met my husband when I was 20 and he was 18. We are now 41 & 39. This year, I have been with Alan, as long as I was alive when I met him. This Halloween, we celebrate our “Dating Anniversary” of 21 years! 

So half of my life. We have been in love and connected and we have even worked together since we met. From the minute we met, we did everything together. Our first job together was at a country club. Alan was the valet parker and I was the coat check girl. 🙂 We did whatever it took to get the chance to spend time together. All these years later, we are still doing everything in life TOGETHER. This was our vision, our dream for ourselves. 

Early on, we were so young and we would fight often over very little things. All of it was fear based. Afraid of our love, afraid to trust, afraid of everything. A book that I wanted to share that really helped us was The Four Agreements. It is amazing how shifting our thoughts and perspective can help us change our entire lives. I highly recommend this book to help you realize that you can train yourself to think a different thought. To believe a different belief. To understand yourself and others in a better way. It truly changed our relationship for the better! It is completely possible to create and maintain a healthy, magical, loving, relationship and spiritual partnership. It takes a commitment, time, patience, love & authenticity. 

I know it’s not Valentine’s Day yet, but wouldn’t it be nice to Manifest A Valentine’s Day LIFESTYLE? In honor of our 21 year celebration, I am sharing this article here once again: https://pranaboost.com/3-secrets-to-manifesting-a-valentines-day-lifestyle/

In honor of celebrating love & long term relationships & our very special Halloween dating anniversary this month I am also sharing this amazing new book by my featured Prana Booster & most recent podcast guest on The Prana Boost Show™,  Brian Hilliard‘s beloved wife & soulmate, Arielle Ford. Arielle is the author of the international bestseller The Soulmate Secret, Arielle Ford offers the keys to re-discovering love, passion, respect, and renewed commitment years after the simple act of falling in love and getting married. To learn more about how to Turn Your Mate Into Your Soulmate, click here to read about Arielle’s beautiful new book: http://www.arielleford.com/turn-your-mate-into-your-soulma…/

Love & Light,
Tina Louise 
Happy 21st Anniversary to US! (Tina & Alan Co-Founders of Prana Boost) 

We are actually husband-and-wife, best friends, twin flames, life & business partners and soul mates.  Yet in my heart, we are really witnesses to each other’s souls expansion. We are witnessing each other evolving and growing and that’s why we have so much fun sharing our miracles and synchronicities with each other. To be blessed to have someone loving you while witnessing your transformation, growth, and evolution is truly a gift. We have been through so much together in this relationship and with working together in business. We still really LIKE & LOVE each other. We have grown up together. We met when I was 20 and he was 18. We have been blessed to become more of ourselves knowing it is safe to expand and be vulnerable together. As parents, we get to experience ourselves on even another level of growth and evolution. His unconditional love and support and humor and kindness inspires me daily.  Our love continues to grow and I just cannot explain my gratitude for this relationship and this journey! I love you, Babe! 


Prana Boost Life & Soul Mastermind™ Guidance Sessions:
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Prana Boost Parenting Mastermind™ Sessions:
Individual, Couple and/or Family ~ 30 or 60 Minutes


My favorite thing is to connect with others on a high vibrational level which I call “PRANA BOOSTING™!“  It is so fun & wonderful to share, exchange energy & inspire others to Awaken With Purpose™. I help guide & educate people on the benefits of RAISING THEIR AWARENESS through sharing my transformational insights.  I am an author, thought leader & thought shifter, a researcher, awakener, & speaker/entertaining storyteller.  I enjoy working with individuals & groups of people to increase their Mindfulness and Well-being and BOOST THEIR PRANA (a.k.a. Life Energy/Breath).  I am a Prana Boost Lifestyle Expert. I help individuals & families create a lifestyle vision for their lives & families that aligns with their authentic selves and core values. My biggest passions are: Inner Personal Transformation, Mindful Language, Emotional Intelligence & Mindful Parenting. I am also the host of a podcast show called The Prana Boost Show.It is always so beautiful and fulfilling to gather together with a mutual intention.

Some topics for sessions & events will include: Awaken With Purpose™, Mindful Parenting/Mindful Families/Mindful Marriages, Emotional Intelligence, Raise Your Awareness, Nonviolence (“Ahimsa”)/NonViolent Communication, Re-Writing Outdated Belief Systems, Transforming the Energy of Homes, Work, & Health, Raising Consciousness, Energy Alignment, Consciously Sober™, Emotional Rehab™, Introduction to Prana Boost™, Introduction to Prana Boost Parenting™, Connecting in Relationships with Transformational Vocabulary & Mindful Language, Communicating Boundaries, Saying No With Confidence & Compassion, & Learning to listen to your Intuition instead of the voice of others.

A Note From My Heart To Your Heart
“Hi, I am Tina.  I am here to be a safe place for you to connect with me, trust, share energy & feelings and know that you can find your way back to yourself no matter what.  It is with great love, compassion, empathy, integrity and kindness that I offer you to be vulnerable with me.  Everyone can and must evolve at their own pace, with the only limits to healing being their thoughts, beliefs and past experience.  I ask you to be responsible for the energy you bring during our time together and know no one can do this work for you. I ask you to consider that great changes and healing can occur if you are at least willing.  I have the ability to guide you to your own guidance that you will resonate with.  We all have to find our own way, however, we don’t have to find it alone.”

Typically, we are not taught successful techniques for handling Emotional Emergencies, Conflict Resolution, Mindful Language, Self Love, Kindness, Compassion, & Empathy. Prana Boost’s main intention is to ignite these conversations so we can transform our lives.

I will provide you with the tools, strategies, support & LOVE that you will need as you upgrade your life. With a focus on Mind, Body, & Spirit together we can discover the vision you have for your life. Together, we can raise your awareness so you will feel your own personal power & responsibility & ability to create the shifts in your life that you dream of.

With these abilities, we will build new patterns of behavior that help families thrive and support everyone’s hearts and spirits.  When we heal, evolve, & grow ourselves, we then can create a world that is so beautiful and kind and aligned to live in.

We invite you to be willing & open & have compassion with yourself as you learn and grow into your BEST most authentic self.

Namaste ♥

The Prana Boost Show™

I invite you to hear my latest Podcast Episode on The Prana Boost Show™! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to manifest your SOULMATE, your beloved, a relationship literally straight from your dreams? To attract a Spiritual Partner that provides you with unconditional love, devotion & long lasting happiness?  What would it be like to be so energetically aligned that you spread LOVE & COMPASSION around everywhere you go? Join me as I welcome Brian Hilliard to our show. Brian’s energy is Magical, Hi-Vibration, Heart Expanding, Authentic & he lives his life as an example of someone who shines his light so others can see. His devotion to his own heart connection & to Arielle & their relationship inspires us all of what’s possible. I am so excited to connect with Brian who is an amazing gift to this World, to hear his inspirational stories & spiritual wisdom & to share his journey with all of you. You can LISTEN to or WATCH this episode. Click here to see all our upcoming shows and current shows: https://pranaboost.com/podcasts/ Click here to go straight to Brian’s interview: https://pranaboost.com/brian-hilliard/ This was so much fun! Brian is so MAGICAL and kind and generous with his loving compassion and gentle high vibration ENERGY!You can Subscribe to our Prana Boost YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/PranaBoost and/or Subscribe to iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/prana-boost-show-raise-your/id891216201?mt=2


“I choose to see this differently. I choose to see this with LOVE.”
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Sending love and light to everyone on this beautiful day!  

Wishing you health, happiness, peace, joy, abundance, prosperity and LOVE♥ on this day and always!
With love, appreciation, & gratitude,