72fdbada-6e18-494e-b525-38804c1f0078Hi Prana Boosters! This was me (BEFORE I HEARD THE NEWS) sitting on the beach after a bike ride along the ocean Sunday afternoon August 30, 2015. It was me, Isabella, & Alan on our bikes and Gabi behind Alan riding in the bike trailer. Alan and I were finally feeling better after being a bit under the weather and out celebrating life together. Gabi and I were going to take a selfie when I saw all these texts pop up asking me if I knew about Wayne Dyer? I thought, gosh, know what?

I ignored them all for a minute and just pushed the camera button to take a pic of me and Gabi, then I did one of myself. I didn’t know what was coming. I had no idea that I was about to hear he had passed away. I could hardly believe it. Right away I thought of his family, especially his daughter, Serena, who I had the pleasure of connecting with on my podcast show, Prana Boost Radio. I thought of his kids, his grandkids and all the millions of people that he inspired with his dharma/life’s work. His voice was mesmerizing. I could listen to him for hours. I really truly integrated his life lessons and wisdom into my world and into our family and into my work/dharma. I felt bad as tears rolled down my face for being sad, since as my Papa Sam used to say, I only knew him “half way.” I knew about him and felt like we were connected, but he didn’t know about me. I always thought for sure Alan and I would visit Maui and have the pleasure of connecting with him in person. I thought there was time. I understand & agree with his beliefs that he has only transitioned to his next adventure, as if he was in the next room though leaving the physical world and your physical body behind changes the lives of everyone still here.

Dr. Wayne Dyer’s work resonated with me. It helped me to unlearn many beliefs I carried with me most of my life that did not add to my well-being, it helped me to create a vision for my family and my work based on Intention, it helped our marriage, it helped me learn about meditation. I learned about the power of my mind and my thoughts. I dreamt of NOT dying with my music still in me. I learned to be “REALISTIC” and EXPECT MIRACLES. I learned the negative effects of labeling anything or anyone. I learned to assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled. I learned to have a mind open to everything and attached to nothing. I learned that what I focus on the last 5 minutes before I sleep is what I will marinate on the entire night. I learned that self actualizing people only focus on what they intend to manifest. I learned that manifesting works best when putting something into my imagination that feels natural. (ie. I am not going to manifest being a tall basketball player, that is not natural to me.) I learned about Abraham and Jerry & Esther Hicks, I learned about Neville Goddard & The Power Of Awareness. I learned about Bruce Lipton and Louise Hay and Nick Ortner and The Tapping Solution. I learned about Deepak Chopra. I learned about Anita Moorjani and her miraculous story of healing in addition to Wayne’s healing. I learned about the importance of forgiveness. I learned to tap into my OWN intuition and hear OWN truth. I could go on an on after studying Dr. Wayne Dyer’s work for the last 18 years.

Just a few weeks ago this amazing man at 75 was traveling the world to speak to thousands of people to inspire them and help them connect to the best parts of themselves and others. He was determined and strong and made a choice to constantly improve his own life and the life of others. He showed us that age didn’t have to slow us down and we can live fully.

This beloved man was not someone up on a pedastal. He was not Super-Human, or above anyone else. He was an author, a husband, a father, a friend, a relative, an educator, etc. and what we enjoyed most were the messages he was able to bring through him. We always felt he was authentic and honest in his writings & talks and if we could learn something from him that would improve our lives that was the most important thing. If I could integrate his wisdom, knowledge and experiences into my life and then bring that into the world with me, that’s what mattered most. I am grateful that he accepted his dharma and listened to the whispers of his soul and wrote and shared messages with us and the world for us all to benefit from. He taught us that we do not have to be perfect to have an impact on other’s lives and to help the world. His courage to speak his truth and share his heart will forever inspire me to listen to my authentic voice and share it with others.

We are forever grateful. Thank you, Wayne Dyer, for all you shared, for cracking your heart open, for inspiring me to understand that I can change my thoughts, become a master of my own life and my mind, to understand that I am a spiritual being having a human experience and for being a transformational leader to help us change the way we “see” things. I am grateful that you sat with your pen and yellow legal pads and shared your hearts truths, your thoughts and your wisdom so we can all continue to benefit from you forever. Your legacy will always live on.

Love & Light,
Tina Louise


This is just a portion of the teachings that we have in our home of Dr. Wayne Dyer’s.


I had the divine pleasure of connecting with Serena J. Dyer on our Prana Boost Radio Podcast show. I invite you to hear our episode. Have you ever wondered what it was like to grow up with spiritual parents? Especially if your Dad is famous speaker and author, Dr. Wayne Dyer?  Do you have the ability to “Have a Mind That Is Open to Everything and Attached to Nothing?” This is a secret to inner peace that is in Serena Dyer’s book, Don’t Die With Your Music Still In You, co-authored with her Dad. I had the honor of interviewing Serena Dyer about her experience growing up with spiritual parents. Her famous Dad, is an internationally renowned author & speaker in the fields of self-development & spiritual growth. Serena is so beautiful, authentic & kind & now a Mommy herself. 

Join us on this podcast interview on Prana Boost Radio to hear more or watch this episode. https://pranaboost.com/podcasts/


Serena Dyer has co-authored a book with her father, Dr. Wayne Dyer, titled Don’t Die With Your Music Still In Youabout her experience growing up with spiritual parents (released June of 2014). The book is a daughter’s response to her father’s wisdom and provides readers a glimpse into what life was like growing up with seven brothers and sisters — and Dr. Wayne Dyer as a father. Serena is a contributor to Huffington Post, Mind Body Green and Positively Positive where she shares stories on varying subjects, including meditation, travel, the spiritual journey and life with her brothers and sisters. She regularly appears on stage with her father at Hay House events. She is also a featured speaker at spiritual, motivational and wellness events around the United States. Her subject matter covers a wide range of topics, but she always seeks to share her personal spiritual perspective in a way that encourages introspection and personal growth. While completing her master’s degree at the University of Miami, Serena was moved by startling statistics concerning the global tragedy of human trafficking. Although most of her work is done privately, Serena does add her voice to raise awareness via the charity Stop Child Trafficking. Serena currently resides in south Florida with her husband Matt.

Serena’s Web Site: www.serenadyer.com
Serena on Facebook: Facebook page
Serena on Twitter: @SerenaDyer
Serena on Instagram: http://instagram.com/serenadyerpisoni

Purchase her book:
Click here to purchase Serena’s amazing book, Don’t Die With Your Music Still In You



Here is Serena Dyer Pisoni & Matt Pisoni after they signed The Prana Boost Method Of Parenting™ Vow. This was shortly before they met their miracle baby, Sailor. They are new parents who are supporting our INTENTION and  our mission to create loving, nonviolent, compassionate families.

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My oldest daughter, Isabella used to make me these images on my phone as she and her sister knew how we felt about Dr. Wayne Dyer. They would talk about him like he was a family member. Reminding me of his words & quotes I taught them. They have grown up learning about him and understand why his work has mattered so much to our family.


This is a photo Alan and I took when we had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Wayne Dyer in person at Celebrate Your Life in Phoenix, AZ.



“It is my choice to be kind to those who are kind. It is my choice to be kind to those who are unkind, because the nature of my being is kindness, and that is all I have to give away.” ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer, Living The Wisdom of The Tao, 49th Verse, Page 100.

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Sending love and light to everyone on this beautiful day!  

Wishing you health, happiness, peace, joy, abundance, prosperity and LOVE♥ on this day and always!
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